Posted by: Deborah Bryant | March 5, 2011

Oceanside Water District Needs You

Dear Neighbors,

I am nearing the end of my four year term of public office as Commissioner on the Oceanside Water District. I will not be running for relection in the May special election.  My term expires on June 31, 2011.

If you’re a registered voter living in the district – that includes the Cape Meares and Oceanside communities – please consider running for the board. We have a great group; Geoff Davey and Henry Wheeler from the Capes, Bob Garrigues from Cape Meares are currently on the board and will continue to serve. Luke Rogers recently moved out of the area so we’re missing representation from Cape Meares, and we’d like to maintain the traditional Oceanside-Cape Meares 3-2 ratio so we’re looking for board members from each community.

The Board meets one a month on the Monday of the month for approximately 90 minutes. Board materials are provided for review a few days before the meeting.

I’m pleased that during my term of service the board has taken on longer range planning and is working to make the inevitable replacement of our small aging plan a smooth one with the least financial impact possible to the community. Our water master Alan Tuckey is hard at work keeping the plant in good operation while helping us plan for the future.

Please consider joining the OWD board. You can contact me directly or reach any of the board members – we’d be happy to answer any questions. You can also contact our office manager Tami who can fill you in on the special election process and has the forms for you to use. Deadline to file is March 15.

OWD phone: 503-842-6462
Office location: 5390 Netarts Highway NW , Oceanside

I thank you for the opportunity to have served the district.

Deb Macartney

Posted by: Deborah Bryant | November 1, 2010

ONA November Meeting Agenda calls for Adoption of Community Plan

Purpose and Authorization of ONA Missing in Action

From the ONA chair; looking for a quorum to rubber stamp minority opinion, lack proper context.

Here’s Jud Randall’s pitch:

“Oceansiders, Attached is the agenda for the Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting that will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 6, in the community center. We desperately need a quorum (36 persons) so we can make a recommendation to the county on the proposed Oceanside Community Plan. The plan is available on the ONA website — Please come and bring your friends and neighbors. Also on the web site are seven reports from the Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District that Dave Hunt provided. They cover the district’s finances and construction information on the new sewage treatment plant.”

In this editor’s opinion, the ONA has completely blown off the clarification of their role as a Citizen’s Planning Advisory  Committee (noticeably missing from the ONA web site).  Why do we care?  Continuing in the tradition of wishful thinking – as well as an  aversion to calling themselves a CPAC – a review of the recommended community plan makes no mention of the recent and direct advice of the county commissioners  regarding the authority of the ONA, and fails to frame the community survey,  which this editor personally assisted in crafting and sharing, as an essential tool of the community plan.

In short, proposed plan falls short, blinders on, rats-chance to make a meaningful impact on land use planning.


The Editor

Posted by: Deborah Bryant | September 26, 2010

Oct 2 ONA Meeting Features Update on Off-Shore Wind Turbine Plans

From our ONA president Judson Randall here’s  the agenda for the October 2, 2010, meeting of the Oceanside Neighborhood Association.

Notable: Pat Ashby director of the Tillamook People’s Utility District, or a member of TIDE, the intergovernmental group that is negotiating with several energy companies for off-shore energy projects (read: includes wind turbines in the distance off  Oceanside State Beach and Three Arch Rocks), will report at the meeting on recent proposals.

Jud Randal’s outstanding background on TIDE is on the ONA web site

Copy of Intergovernmental Agreement creating TIDES

Want to discuss with your elected official?  County Commissioner Mark Labhart is liaison for TIDE.

Want to participate in our informal OVV survey, below? Click away! and come back later to see how things tally up.

Posted by: Deborah Bryant | January 5, 2010

Oceanside Neighbor Watch Alert: Burglaries Sunday Jan 3

For those not subscribed to the Oceanside Neighborhood Association Newsletter, I wanted to pass along an emailed note received today from its Chair Judson Randall:


Tillamook County Sheriff Todd Anderson says that on Sunday, Jan. 3, his deputies discovered burglaries of four homes on Rosenberg Loop that appeared to have occurred in a single set.

He says there have not been a lot of problems in Netarts, Oceanside or Cape Meares over the last couple of months except for this spate. However, please take whatever precautions you can (such as getting a neighbor a watch out for your vacant house) to protect your property.




If you’d like to subscribe to the ONA email list which provides monthly meeting agenda, minutes, and other timely news of interest to the Oceanside community, you can contact Jud directly by email or through the ONA web site.

Posted by: Deborah Bryant | August 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform Panel of Experts at Tillamook Library Mon Aug 10

Tillamook County Citizens for Human Dignity’s series on Healthcare Reform will feature a panel of local experts this evening.  I’m visiting family this week so will miss this installment but wanted to get in a last minute plug for what should be an informative and rounded perspective on this issue so important to all of us, our families and neighbors.

A note from Andrea Goss shared “We have a panel of people who are affected by the current healthcare system, are professional experts, understand the pending legislation regarding the topic, and/or are passionate about it:

  • RICK STAGGENBORG – MD from Coos Bay and an advocate for grassroots action for change that will include everyone
  • MARK BOWMAN – Tillamook County Hospital emergency doctor
  • WALT LARSON – Tillamook County Hospital CFO
  • CURTIS HESSE – Director Tillamook County Health Department
  • JULIE MAGERS – Project Coordinator with Archimedes Movement, a grass roots organization dedicated to help bring about change in our health care system.

MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 6:30-8:30
The Healthcare Reform information series is free and open to the public.

For more information call 503 398 5223 or 971 223 5759.”

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