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November 2007: Public comment is still being collected for consideration in the Green Crow Application Process. Much of the community is waiting for Green Crow’s completed application before commenting further, anticipating the opportunity to review more complete environmental info and other data requested by the county of Green Crow earlier this year. See “Mine Zone” for details.

Folks writing letters have expressed an interest in information sharing. If you’d like to share your letter here, you may email me, or, you can paste the text of it into a comment box and post it yourself.

Public comment received to date by Tillamook County is available for review of course under Oregon’s Public Record statutes at the county courthouse.


Steve Macartney has shared his letter of February 4:

S. Macartney Letter re: 200 Line Quarry


Kimberly Theobold and Ray L. Dempsey share their letter of January 29:

Theobold Letter to County re: 200 Line Quarry


Two letters crafted by a group of independent and concerned Oceanside homewoners, many of them from the Capes, have been provided by Wanda Partin on their behalf. Their interest is in preseving the Netarts, Cape Meares and Oceanside areas. Please contact Wanda if you are interested in adding your name to these letters.

Letter of Concern to Tillamook County Officials

Letter of Concern to Environmental Organizations



  1. A group of homeowners in the Capes along with other concerned Oregonians who enjoy this special area are writing letters to object to this action, also. It will be posted on this site soon. We are collecting individual names to attach to our letter. If you would like to have your name attached, please email me.
    If I can add my name to ‘your’ letters please let me know.

  2. Wanda,
    Thanks very much for the thoughtful and thorough letters provided. I’ve added an email link to your name in the posted description above so folks can email you directly.
    Deb Macartney

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