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Green Crow Corporation Application for Mineral Overlay Zone

I’ve volunteered to help my neighbors with a pending application from a corporation (Green Crow) that desires to do some rezoning and bring a new commercial quarry on line just outside the village boundary. This is an unofficial place* to put up related documents and encourage folks that live in affected communities – Oceanside, Cape Meares, and Netarts Oregon – to get involved. An official committee drafted recommendations, then received overwhelming approval under the auspices of the ONA. These groups have official and semi-official sway with the County Planning organization, but strength comes in numbers so please consider weighing in as a concerned resident if not as a committee-joiner. Thanks for getting involved!

Please check the Home Page of the Village Voice for news updates.

Here’s a list of related documents and other resources. Click any title to view.

Green Crow Application Docs as Submitted to Tillamook County Sept ’06

Cover letter for application Page 1 • Cover Letter Page 2 (missing-will be available shortly) • Cover Letter Page 3Planning ApplicationMineral Overlay Zone Application Page 1Mineral Overlay Zone Application Page 1 • Mineral Overlay Zone Application Page 3Mineral Overlay Zone Application Page 4Mineral Overlay Zone Application Page 5Map: Lighthouse QuarryMap: Lighthouse Quarry 2Map: 200 Road QuarryMap: 600 Line Quarry

UPDATE: Additional Information Submittal

Green Crow provided 17 pages of additional information to the county on January 16. Included in their submission are comments in response to two issues raised at the January ONA meeting in the context of an ESEE analysis of the proposed mine operation. • Read or Download Supplemental Info from Green Crow

Other related documents

Satellite Image Layer maps provided by Green Crow as handouts at the January ONA meeting include Satellite Map: 600 Line and Mt Mears Quarries and Satellite Map: Lighthouse Quarry and Satellite Map: 200 Road Quarry. Also provided at the meeting was a more detailed and annotated 200 road quarry tax map: Map: 200 Road Quarry Detailed

Stimson Alternate Route Letter from Green Crow, considering an alternate route bypassing Cape Meares, Oceanside and Netarts over the hill.

Links to State and County Government documents

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development: Read “Comprehensive Plan Goal 5 for Aggregate”. Click here to download document.

Read Oregon Administrative Rules that govern the state’s Procedures and Requirements for Complying with Goal 5.

Download a copy of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance, Section 3.094 pertaining to Mineral and Aggregate Resources Overlay Zone.

Timelines: (current as of December 1, 2007):

Saturday January 27, 10:00 a.m.: Over 100 Oceanside, Cape Meares and Netarts residents attended. ONA quarum was met, the Letter to Tillamook County was adopted then transmitted following the meeting. ONA Meeting Minutes are also available.

Monday January 29: Deadline to Tillamook County Community Development Planning Staff to submit comments for consideration in Staff Report to Planning Commission. (subject to change, but is the current time-line). Contact Coastal Planning Liaison Lisa Phipps for further info. UPDATE: Still time to provide public comment; Green Crow hearing currently put over to April 12.

Thursday, February 8, 7:00 p.m.: Tillamook County Planning Commission Meeting. Public to be noticed this week in the Headlight Hearald that Green Crow Application will be considered. UPDATE: Green Crow hearing will be put over until either March 22 or April 1.

Saturday, March 3 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: The Oceanside Neighborhood Association regular meeting in March will begin at a modifed time 9 a.m. and go to 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 3, in the Oceanside community center.

Thursday, April 12, 2007, 7 p.m.: CANCELLED: Planning Commission will not hear the application for zone changes requested for quarry operations by Green Crow Corp. When rescheduled, hearing will be held at the Tillamook County Courthouse.

Mid-April: Additional information from the applicant has been requested by the county and is anticipated to be received and available for review and public comment there after. At this writing, May Planning Commission Meeting is earliest potential hearing date.

Late April: Tillamook County Community Development reports no additional material to complete their application has been received from Green Crow, pushing out the potential hearing date once again. Earliest possible hearing date at this writing, given Green Crow remains interested in pursuing, would be the July Planning Commission hearing.

July update: Green Crow has not provide needed documents by the end of June ’07 as they had expressed their intention to the county earlier this year. Tillamook County Coastal Planner Lisa Phipps reported at the July Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting that it would most likely be no earlier than October before Green Crow’s pending application for would come before the Tillamook County Planning Commission.

October 07 update: Green Crow has expressed their intention to the county to go forward with the completion of their application this year, per Tillamook County Coastal Planner Lisa Phipps. Reported at the August Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting; it would most likely be no earlier than November before Green Crow’s pending application for would come before the Tillamook County Planning Commission but Green Crow has affirmed their interest to proceed.

November 3 update: Green Crow has remains steadfast yet ever-pending in their intention to the county to go forward with the completion of their application this year, per Tillamook County Coastal Planner Lisa Phipps. Reported at the November Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting; Green Crow requested additional information by email from the county, but remains incomplete in their application. Dec 1: Ditto on the no-app.

January 14, 2008 update: Status quo, no word that the quarry application has been completed.

February 1, 2008 update: Ditto. Didn’t want you to think I’d gone to sleep on this one.

June 16, 2008 update: Double ditto. Application remains “open” and “incomplete”.

January  31, 2009 update: Mega ditto. Application remains “open” and “incomplete”. A year and a half later,  this remains a classic case of “no news is good news”.

* This web site is the personal work of Deb Macartney and comments made herein do not represent any official body. Information is provided in the spirit of community and to increase the level of fact-based dialog in pursuit of good public policy and thoughtful balanced use of our precious lands. I reserve the right to moderate contributions and comments to those which are constructive and collaborative in nature. The Editor (Deb)



  1. Hi Deb.

    Just found out about the above. The Nike executive (nice man) who bought our upper lot will also be at 1/21/07 meeting.

    I would like to help in any way I can. Let me know if you need any assistance with legal research, writing, etc. Or anything else for that matter. Lynn also available.

    I have a heavy work week this week, but will try to read and digest what I can until Saturday’s meeting. Am willing to take time off work to assist in this matter if I can be of help in any way.

  2. Several things that I have been wondering: Can we threaten Measure 37 actions if this zone change is approved? I’m not that familiar with the situations covered by Measure 37 but it occurs to me that compensating all of the homeowners for loss of value could bankrupt the county. Can we ask for more time before the county makes a decision? Seems like the same steam roller that came at us when Camden sought his approvals. I would think that the Commissioners would be reluctant to get into that kind of a fight again.

  3. Early indications are that property owners impacted by Green Crow’s disregard for the community may not file Measure 37 claims. This info came by way of an Oceansider who is currently consulting an attorney on the issues concrning the Green Crow zoning change application. You should regard this as very preliminary, however.

  4. so what happenned? i’m dying to know who’s getting screwed here.

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