About This Site

The EditorWelcome to my Oceanside Village web site. If you’ve stumbled upon this site…we’re talking Oceanside Oregon, small if not tiny unincorporated village.

This site is designed for those who are fortunate enough to have settled here full time, for those who long to be, and for all community members with a stake in Oceanside’s future.  Its first use was to share information to rapidly inform the community of an application to open a commercial mining operation on the edge of the community boundary.

Since then, I’ve discovered that some of the issues most important to the community don’t always get shared broadly, not everyone reads the local paper (which does a fine job today of covering issues like the $30mm sewage treatment plant) and certainly the newspaper can’t publish the full source documents of stories. So a site such as this presents an opportunity for a deeper (if not irreverent at times) look as well as a chance to honor the charm and beauty of the place.

I also have a passion for photography.  WordPress, the software service I use to publish OVV, has improved the way photos can be published so you’ll find more photos littering my blog too.  (You’re welcome to reuse what you find for any non-commmercial pupose so long as you drop me a line and provide attribution).

Here you’ll find my uptake on a range of activities that you may not easily find elsewhere. I’d love to hear from you if you find this site of interest, have something you’d like to share, or maybe have an information mystery you’d like solved.

Thanks for dropping in.

Deb Macartney


  1. Hi Deb,
    We’re coming to beautiful Oceanside over July 4th. Can you tell me where is the best location to see fireworks? Also, is the parade an annual event?
    Thanks so much

  2. Hi Olivia,

    If you mean where in Oceanside, the best place to see the unsanctioned, illegal yet fun and wonderful fireworks on the beach in Oceanside is anywhere on the beach. Lots of folks traditionally build beach fires (legal after sunset), bring sparklers and treats. Many good souls do penance the next a.m. by picking up leftover material off the beach.

    Nearly every town on the coast has fireworks, so if you’re thinking of bigger, sanctioned fireworks check out the article (link below) on coastal festivities for July 4 on the beachconnection.net site (a commercial site with helpful feature articles for visitors).


    The Oceanside-Netarts Fourth of July Parade is definitely a permanent annual institution. It is self-organizing and everyone is invited to join – you can be part of the parade or just watch. Kids in wagons, clowns giving out balloons and crazy costumes are always a feature. But don’t blink! It’s just that one nice long block along Pacific Avenue long. Oceanside treasure Pat Gray shows up each year in her hubby’s ww II seaman’s uniform and leads the crowd in patriotic song at the end of the parade.

    I wouldn’t be anywhere else but Oceanside on July 4! Have fun and enjoy your stay.


  3. Hi-saw your photos at Kari’s fish place across from Tillamook Cheese Factory or, as I call it, Tillamook Ice Cream Factory.I saw the one just inside the door and thought that it one of the best ocean shots I’ve seen. Then I realized I knew the artisan. Awesome!


  4. I love your site. I’d love to be on your mailing list. Also, if you’d like, could you steer Facebook users to “Fans of Oceanside, Oregon”. We just like celebrating Oceanside…..the most spectacular place in the world. Have a wonderful day, Dan

  5. Please include us on your Oceanside Village Voice mailing list.
    Now that we have retired we are hoping to change our “frequent Oceanside visitor” status to home owner.


  6. Dear Deb,
    My husband and I are coming out with our parents from July 4-8. We are re-uniting our son with his birth mom for his 2nd birthday. We were hoping to get some information about the area and any activities that you may have going on for the Independence weekend. Thank you,

  7. DEB,

    My name is Elizabeth, My husband and I live in Tampa. Our son is a freshman at U of O. We dropped him off two weeks ago and drove to the coast. We fell in love with Oceanside. We looked at places in The Capes and some places in the village. We got the impression that they were totally different enviroments and would like to know how they differ. We know nothing about Oregon let alone the coast but since our only child is gone we have nothing to keep us in Florida. We are ready for a change and think Oregon is it.We would love to hear what it is like in Oceanside year round. I paint and my husband is an avid cyclist (bike). We wondered about things to do year round. The fact that you can be at the ocean, mountains and farms at the same time is amazing. We are coming back to area during Thanksgiving. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank for your help, Elizabeth

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