Posted by: Deborah Bryant | November 1, 2010

ONA November Meeting Agenda calls for Adoption of Community Plan

Purpose and Authorization of ONA Missing in Action

From the ONA chair; looking for a quorum to rubber stamp minority opinion, lack proper context.

Here’s Jud Randall’s pitch:

“Oceansiders, Attached is the agenda for the Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting that will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 6, in the community center. We desperately need a quorum (36 persons) so we can make a recommendation to the county on the proposed Oceanside Community Plan. The plan is available on the ONA website — Please come and bring your friends and neighbors. Also on the web site are seven reports from the Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District that Dave Hunt provided. They cover the district’s finances and construction information on the new sewage treatment plant.”

In this editor’s opinion, the ONA has completely blown off the clarification of their role as a Citizen’s Planning Advisory  Committee (noticeably missing from the ONA web site).  Why do we care?  Continuing in the tradition of wishful thinking – as well as an  aversion to calling themselves a CPAC – a review of the recommended community plan makes no mention of the recent and direct advice of the county commissioners  regarding the authority of the ONA, and fails to frame the community survey,  which this editor personally assisted in crafting and sharing, as an essential tool of the community plan.

In short, proposed plan falls short, blinders on, rats-chance to make a meaningful impact on land use planning.


The Editor



  1. It is time for Jud Randall and the ONA to either go away or start being intellectually honest in representing the WHOLE Oceanside community and honor the authority granted to them by the Tillamook BOC.

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