Posted by: Deborah Bryant | August 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform Panel of Experts at Tillamook Library Mon Aug 10

Tillamook County Citizens for Human Dignity’s series on Healthcare Reform will feature a panel of local experts this evening.  I’m visiting family this week so will miss this installment but wanted to get in a last minute plug for what should be an informative and rounded perspective on this issue so important to all of us, our families and neighbors.

A note from Andrea Goss shared “We have a panel of people who are affected by the current healthcare system, are professional experts, understand the pending legislation regarding the topic, and/or are passionate about it:

  • RICK STAGGENBORG – MD from Coos Bay and an advocate for grassroots action for change that will include everyone
  • MARK BOWMAN – Tillamook County Hospital emergency doctor
  • WALT LARSON – Tillamook County Hospital CFO
  • CURTIS HESSE – Director Tillamook County Health Department
  • JULIE MAGERS – Project Coordinator with Archimedes Movement, a grass roots organization dedicated to help bring about change in our health care system.

MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 6:30-8:30
The Healthcare Reform information series is free and open to the public.

For more information call 503 398 5223 or 971 223 5759.”


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