Posted by: Deborah Bryant | February 25, 2009

Bay City Arts Center Film Festival Call for People & Gear

I thought this mini-film festival sounded fantastic and wanted to share this excerpt from their current newsletter.  I’m going to find that 8mm camera I’ve had stored for years and see if I can contribute to someone’s masterpiece.  From the BCAC:

Coming Up April 3 & 4 – your help needed now!

The Anti-Digital Revolution!

We are mobilizing resources in our community to bring a mini-film festival to Tillamook County April 3 & 4. The festival will focus on avant-garde artists who use celluloid as a creative medium without modern digital techniques. We need your support/donations:

  • Cameras (8, super 8 or 16 mm, loaned or donated). Check your closets, check with your family. These are the cameras we used to make family films “back when I was a kid.” (Previous emails requested projectors, but 2 people came through for us and donated an 8 mm, a super 8 mm, and one 16 mm!)
  • Donated footage in any format (old, recycled, discarded, undeveloped…), pieces of super 8, 16 or 35 mm film strips, celluloid odds and ends, etc.
  • If you have other materials, like screens or equipment that can help us with projections for these formats, please contact Victor for possible donations/loans
  • Artists and members of our community who would like to participate or volunteer for this event. We need at least 5 volunteers to help prepare for the event (organizing, emails, event promotion, etc.) and 10 volunteers for the event.

Why is this event important?

It can put Tillamook on the map . Victor Waterhouse (Wouters) helped Chris May start the International Experimental Cinema Exposition (TIE) from scratch in 1998; TIE has since become a well-established non-profit organization with regularly scheduled events in cities across the country and beyond (for example, in the last 6 months: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Uruguay)

It can establish a dialogue between older artists and the younger generations that are “rediscovering” non-digital formats. Friendships and projects have sprung across the globe, defying generational and physical distances (for example the widows of filmmakers getting involved in preservation efforts, and grandfathers rummaging through their basements to rescue a forgotten Super 8 projector and teaching their grandkids how to use it.)

It can provide inspiration and artistic collaboration . Younger artist are usually puzzled when they learn that there is no sound for 8mm footage, and this has opened the dialogue with local DJs and bands, for example, to do a collaborative presentation with live music in order to create a certain atmosphere or to convey a message

BCAC can offer you a receipt for your donated or loaned items. Please contact Victor (720-290-8741) if you have questions. And let’s make this happen!


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