Posted by: Deborah Bryant | February 3, 2009

ONA Meeting Feb 7, 2009 and my Transparancy Beef with the Planning Department

Ocean Energy, County Planning Commission Priorities on the List

I’d like to emphasize Jud Randall’s call for attendance at the upcoming Oceanside Neighborhood Association (ONA) meeting to be held this Saturday, February 7 at 10:00 a.m. at the Oceanside Community Club.  A quorum is needed to move several items including providing feedback to the county planning commission on their annual priority list.  Here’s the agenda:

I.  Welcome

II  (5 minutes) Minutes of January 3, 2009, meeting; Treasurer’s report

III.  New Business

(15 minutes) Report from Department of Community Development on Tillamook County land-use activities – Sarah Absher Metcalf
(40 minutes) Discussion of ocean-borne energy proposals: Pat Ashby, general manager of Tillamook People’s Utility District and other members of the Tillamook Intergovernmental Development Entity.
(20 minutes) Discussion of and action on Tillamook Planning Commission’s  priority list for its work program.
(5 minutes) Presentation of proposed communications plan among county and six Citizen Planning Advisory Committees, including the ONA

IV.  Continuing Business

(15 minutes) Proposal to add Oregon’s territorial sea to the ONA’s sphere of advice — Jud

V.    (15 minutes)  Public comment from the floor

VI. Announcements:
— Next Scheduled Meeting – 10 a.m. March 7, 2009, Oceanside Community Center. Michael Klepinger, vice president for business development of Principle Power Inc., will discuss wind turbines on floating platforms off the Netarts and Oceanside coasts.
–May meeting will have to be in a different location because Center is booked.

VII. Adjourn

So Let’s Get the Planning Commission out of the eGovernment Dark Ages

The Planning Commission has not published their meeting minutes on their web site since March of 2004. I asked the former director Campbell, and he explained that a former employee had apparently destroyed some of their meeting minutes.  That was nearly five years ago.  That certainly doesn’t explain why they stopped putting up the new ones – clearly not a priority for the department.

In the mean time, in addition to their meeting minutes, our Tillamook County Commissioners have their meeting recordings on line now, why not planning?  If the county information technology staff have provided the service for one department, it’s there for all.  And don’t get me started on the lack of opt-in mailing lists for stakeholders.

In a draft letter for ONA consideration at the meeting, Jud Randal has proposed (in draft language I think too kind) that the Planning Commission increase its electronic communication to the public as part of a recommendation to increase its overall communications with the citizen it serves.  Let’s send the county planning commission a message and demand greater transparency from the Community Development Department that staffs the Commission meetings and land use planning processes!

And One More Thing

Not on the agenda, but an ongoing land use application that seems to have fallen off some of our radar is the application to build a house and driveway off Hwy 131 as  you enter Oceanside, just before the Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District.  I spoke with a neighbor today who has been in touch with the property owners and the county who is deeply concerned that the application to is nearing approval for construction of a new home on an active slide zone.  Per the neighbor’s notes, the lot #15300 is under the Camelot Second Addition Conditions and Restrictions, which limits walls, fences and structures under to be less than the height proposed in the current application.



  1. To be fair to the Planning Commission, it hasn’t posted its minutes since March 2005.

    I mean, gee, why would we pick on the county for ignoring offering public information for five years, when it has ignored offering public information for only four years. Cheesh.

    Cheers and thanks, Deb


  2. Thanks Jud, for employing your journalist sensibilities and setting the record straight!

    The county has only been ignoring the public for Four Years, not Five Years as I suggested.

    Yup Yup.


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