Posted by: Deborah Bryant | December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve in the Village

oceanside_christmasI skipped a blog day on Christmas in favor of spending time with my guy and rediscovering the joy of making homemade bread (no machine).  But we did get out in the evening before and enjoyed the low tide at the end of the day, as did a few families who’d made their way to the area to have a different holiday.  Many of the usual visitors did not make their way through the coast range and Oceanside was a bit of a ghost village.  Even the US Mail wasn’t getting through.

Earlier, I’d ventured into Tillamook on my lunch break and picked up a copy of Joan Cutuly’s new book “Prisoner of Second Grade”, a gift for my brother the elementary school teacher.  He teaches second grade. He’ll also appreciate Joan’s book. I don’t think I mentioned that to Joan, but I will soon when I ask her if she’ll autograph my brother’s copy.  Rainy Day Books’ owner says Joan’s book is doing well and is being shipped by her customers to friends all over the country.  Id better hurry up and  get Joan’s autograph before her agent starts screening her calls 🙂  Joan also has a web site up now, if you’d like to snack on some of her book before you buy your own copy.

Back in Oceanside, the best Christmas incidental light show in the village is Brewin and the warm lights of  Oceanfront Cabins, today’s OVV Header.  Happy Holidays! – Deb

Technical note:  I took this photo while learning on the telephone pole at the corner of Pacific and Parking Lot for stability with a fairly long exposure (the photo, not me), leaving TJ the postmaster to scratch his head at my peculiar pole-clinging in the darkness.



  1. Thanks, Deb, for all the marvelous photos. And for helping us Midwesterns keep in touch with Oceanside despite snow and ice. Here in our part of the Midwest the last few days have been sunny and relatively warm. We’ve had better winter weather than Oceanside this year.
    Happy New Year, Ole

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