Posted by: Deborah Bryant | December 26, 2008

Anchor Tavern Poll

Herald reports that Sam has filed Chapter 7 this week. Building stands empty, tall, irritating and legal.  Sad for all of us, nobody wins.

What do you think?

Voting is anonymous; you can see the results by clicking on “view results”.



  1. I would vote for anything other than what has transpired over the past several years with the building being vacant. McMenemins or Pelican Pub-like owners could solve a huge problem for the building. I think Oceanside has much bigger infrastructure issues to deal with. Indeed, it is time to move forward.

  2. Of the past two owners, the first seemed to have a knack for making money and the second for making poor business decisions like buying a disputed property, cajoling the community with “boycott burgers”, and in an act of seeming desperation and/or defiance opening a strip club across from the community center. Not the best business strategy I’ve ever seen. Sadly, this mess seems a long way from being resolved and is drawing attention away from more pressing matters. It is my hope that the next owner, and there will be one, understands the value of the community and takes steps to heal old wounds.

  3. Could the Anchor be run as a profitable business as it is, or do people feel that the 3rd floor has to be removed or the boycott will continue? That’s a rather large impediment to a new owner, I should think. If that 3rd floor were removed, perhaps it could then have a “roof-top deck” to be enjoyed? I would hate to see that troubled building left to fall down and be a REAL eyesore where everyone loses!

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