Posted by: Deborah Bryant | December 23, 2008

Greetings from Tropical Oceanside

Or so it seems, in contrast to the weather reports from the valley.  Here’s my report, not quite as exciting nor chilly as that poor guy in a blue parka reporting from Troutdale about who is stranding at the truck stop:

  • Traces of snow on the ground in Tillamook but long gone here.
  • Had no phone no Internet for some reason on Sunday – and was so startled by Embarq’s proactive phone call on Monday to see if our service was restored that I forgot to ask what happened.
  • Highway 6 was still closed as of Monday night, with several feet of accumulated snow at the summit and unpleasantness on the east side of the Coast Range making Christmas shopping in Tillamook for procrastinators a must.
  • The US mail did not come in at all yesterday, blowing a hole in the neither rain-nor-sleet motto, but then I suppose that’s referring to the mailman’s rounds, and most of us don’t have mail delivery here anyway.

Off to work!


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