Posted by: Deborah Bryant | November 22, 2008

Saturday Brewin’

Keith Scherer

Photo Credit: Keith Scherer

The weather is moving through the village today, some cloud-breaks teased that we might see the sun, but alas the morning is gone and all I’m certain of is that I won’t need to water the garden today.

Brewin’ was busy early this morning.  Cathi has the wifi internet access stable now and judging by the number of laptops in the shop, non-pen-and-paper writers are discovering the joy of breakfast muffins, good coffee and a fantastic view, thus joining the poets and scribes that have haunted this special place on the coast for many years.

A quick google search confirmed; bloggers are already reflecting from the coffee spot.  Keith Scherer blogged from Brewin’ last week.  That’s his photo above.  How cool is that.  Thanks Cathi Hanthorn for adding an other dimension to our wonderful neighborhood spot.

And speaking of Brewin‘, they’ve started live music back up, second Fridays of the month, and started with Mercury on November 14th.

And just as I close, the sun arrives!  Time for me to get out and enjoy.


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