Posted by: Deborah Bryant | November 18, 2008


Not too much.  But here’s what I’ve gathered since crawling out of my hole:

  • Joan Cutuly’s book is doing nicely in sales, yippee!
  • The Oceanside Water District (OWD) plant shut down water production during intense rainstorms last week ue to high turbidity levels (too much material agitated and mixed in with cleaner water).  Our Water Master Al Tuckey has worked heroically to keep the aging facility producing clean, safe drinking water.  At the most recent meeting of the OWD board, we agreed it was time to start planning beyond maintaining the plant and bring some professional engineering advice in before the plant gives up the ghost.
  • You heard it here first! Scoop!  Neighbor Kay Wooldridge will be the featured artist at Bay City Arts Center (BCAC) in January.  Can’t wait to see her new work she’ll put together for the showing.
  • Still waiting to see an empty day on the beach. People are enjoying Oceanside late into fall, and favorite accommodations seem to have perpetual “no vacancy” signs up.  Major boogie board action abounds, but most of the board surfers headed to Pacific City or Bar View.  Sunday was warm shirt-sleeve weather.  Nice.
  • At the Schooner, Rachel is gaining a reputation as a gourmet Thai chef.  Call ahead to find out which night is “Thai Night”.

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