Posted by: Deborah Bryant | October 11, 2008

Book Party! at Bay City Arts Center

Mark your calendar for Sunday afternoon October 26, 2008

If well-intended authorship were rain, the skies would darken with the scores who wanted to, meant to, started to write a book, and abandoned the effort in favor of gentler pursuits. Writing a book is a great deal of work to say the least, and oft times requires a support group to get through it.  The solitude, peace and rugged beauty of our special headland and surrounding bays and beaches doesn’t hurt either.  In our area, I feel privileged to know two authors who have made such miracles since I moved to the area in 2004.  One of them is Joan Cutuly.

Joan Cutuly, Netarts resident poet and author, has finished her book “Prisoner or Second Grade” and the Bay City Arts Center (BCAC) is throwing a literary party.  Literally.  On Sunday October 26 from 3 to 5 p.m. the author will be on hand for signing, readings, refreshment and community cheer.

You can get details along with an abstract of the book plus Joan’s own word on why she wrote the book on the BCAC web site.

See you there!

P.S. This affords me the opportunity to share one of my favorite author’s crusty and succinct quotations for the occasion.

“Public Education took twelve years of my life.  I want them back.” – Richard Brautigan



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