Posted by: Deborah Bryant | September 21, 2008

Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District Update

All I know, more to come next week.  Learned today in chatting with Jim Carlson, NOSD citizen advisory committee.

  • The public comment period remains open for the NOSD new waste water treatment plant planning.  Sept 24: Not entirely correct.  Technically its closed.  But they are still gathering info and did not make a decision at the last board meeting.
  • Bruce Lovelin remains on the board but has stepped down as chair.  Craig Wakefield has stepped in as board chair. ( Sept 24: clarification: the annual election of officers was held and Craig was elected to chair, not mentioned in our conversation.  Isn’t communication a quirky thing?)

Lovelin expressed willingness to extend the public comment period in an email to the Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting (see ONA site for details).  In a September 10 email to the ONA, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has also indicated their interest in hearing more public comment and to hold off on fining the district for lack of progress on established milestones in their formal agreement with the district.

Has a new  date been set, or are we ambling between “get’er done” and an open-ended public comment period?  I am strongly in favor of maximizing public comment.  I am less comfortable that we are clear on when that is going to wrap up and how pubic input will be incorporated into a plan set into motion.


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