Posted by: Deborah Bryant | August 16, 2008

NOSD/DEQ Public Hearing Sat Aug 16 10:30 a.m.

In the category of really important so better-late-than-never; If you’re reading this posting with your Saturday morning coffee and haven’t already gotten the word, you may have enough time to get yourself down to the Netarts Fire hall to hear the Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District and several State of Oregon agencies discuss and look for public comment on an alternative phased plan which would defer building the new plant for a number of years.

According to the news reports, this public meeting is at the request of the Department of Environmental Quality. A big high five goes to the DEQ for coming out and taking in public comment on a topic they are fully aware has been a heated one in our community for a number of years now.

A second High Five goes to NOSD plant supervisor Dan Mello, his team and the Board for coming forward with an alternative that MAY extend the life of the current plant and give the district time to build up funds (and decrease the need to borrow) for the new plant.

The jury is still out. I will be reviewing their proposal as many others will for the first time this morning. But it is surely worth a listen.

Hope to see you there.


Links to NOSD Documents

Meeting Notice

Meeting Briefing

Consultant Memo to District on Project Alternative


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