Posted by: Deborah Bryant | August 6, 2008

Oceanside Water System Alert!

August 5, 2008: Oceanside and Cape Meares Residents Asked to Conserve Water

In the category of Please Pass the Word: I received word yesterday afternoon of an interruption to our ability to process (make new) water at the Oceanside Water District (OWD) plant. OWD serves the communities of Oceanside and Cape Meares.  Although not uncommon for markedly increased turbidity (lots of mucky water mixing with the natural flow of our water source) to occur from time to time during heavy storms in the winter, this event in the summer presents a more serious challenge.

Please CONSERVE WATER at this time.  Available details as yesterday afternoon are noted below by my fellow commissioner Bob Guarrigues.

OWD’s ability to distribute clean water in reserve is not impacted, but it is a finite resource until the plant resumes normal operation.

From: “Robert Garrigues”

(email addresses vetted to protect from spam. the  editor)
Date: August 05, 2008 04:01:15 PM PDT
Subject: Water system Alert!

Please email this alert to the community.

Green Crow was recently issued a permit by the county to open
operations at a gravel pit on a ridge that feeds into the headwaters
of Short Creek.  Short Creek is the source of water for our water

I received a call at 3:10 PM this afternoon [Tuesday, 8/5] from Alan
Tuckey, our water-master, that turbidity is so high he is unable to
make water at the plant at this time.  Because of the high temps in
the valley there is a surge in population and water use in our

I have been in contact with county commissioner Tim Josi and
community development director Butch Parker requesting their
support.  A county deputy sheriff is being sent out today to document
the scene and check to see that all conditions of the Green Crow
permit are being met.

Until this issue is resolved it is important for ALL RESIDENTS TO


Bob Garrigues
Commissioner, OWD

I will update you through this email chain as the situation changes.


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