Posted by: Deborah Bryant | June 30, 2008

For the Birds : Saturday July 5th at Cape Meares Lighthouse

I’ve been on the road much of June; family, business, and pleasure taking me away from Oceanside. Throughout, I’ve been tracking the progress of the Ensberg’s study of the Peregrine Falcons nesting in the cove near Cape Meares Lighthouse. Three chicks hatched on Mothers Day, then fledged a week or so ago. I spent last Saturday morning with Delena and Bus and was treated to an early morning lesson in Peregrine spotting. For hours I watched two, then three fully grown young falcons preen and holler for food atop a grassy knoll within view, binocular view, of the outlooks along the edge of the park. It was hazy, windy and warm, and good to be back home.

Here is the Ensbergs’ most recent account (from today) and a few of their photos, plus an invitation to Cape Meares (refuge/park) for this Saturday, July 5th. Volunteers will be available to point out local bird life and will have spotting scopes available for great viewing.

“You are all invited to the Bird Day this Saturday from 10 until 2. The Immature Peregrine will be in good flight mode by then and should put on a great show.
Below is an example of the Immature Peregrine markings in contrast to the adult markings….adult on the left, immature on right. (The immature pictures were all taken today.)
The adult head is much darker than the immature. The immature head is light brown to pale brown streaks and markings. The beak of the adult is yellow at the base and dark at the tip while the immature beak is almost blue. The legs and toes of the adult are bright yellow contrasted with the very light, almost white of the immature. The breast of the adult is white with small horizontal dark markings. The immature is an off-white with wide vertical brown slashes.”


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