Posted by: Deborah Bryant | May 20, 2008

Don’t Forget to Vote Vote Vote!

Special Elections Deadline is today Tuesday May 20

There’s still time, oh yes it’s true, and I’ll be one of those folks busting a move down to the county courthouse this afternoon to hand the County Clerk’s staff my ballot.  They’re great people down there, and will most likely tell me where I can put my ballot, in a box somewhere I hope.  But if you still have your mail-in ballot hanging around, get to it! as it must be at the Clerk’s office today, postmarks don’t count.



  1. It’s Wednesday a.m. and somehow it makes me feel better to have learned this morning that I had the company of a full twenty-five percent of Oregon voters for company in not getting my ballot turned in till Tuesday. Procrastination apparently loves company!

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