Posted by: Deborah Bryant | April 7, 2008

Anchor Update & Presentation

Last Saturday’s ONA meeting was great one, with plenty of outstanding information (see my earlier post for a snap-shot of the agenda).

The first piece of news I want share is the presentation / proposal floated by Jim Hansen. Jim and his wife recently completed building several homes in the Oceanside area when they were presented with the idea of acquiring the anchor tavern. Confirming the rumors (or at least recycling them) former Anchor owner Steve Camden had an offer on the table to repurchase the tavern from Sam, Jim pitched an idea to bring the community together in the form of a development consortium, purchase the Anchor and turn in back into the local watering hole everyone misses.

Jim is a high-energy kind of a guy who apparently has been involved in putting together some fairly complex deals. In the matter of the Anchor Tavern, he’s talked to everyone from the Anchor appellants to county public works and community development, from architects and engineers to neighbors and local community leadership. Maybe a fresh idea and someone with no history with the tavern may be just what the Mixologist ordered; time will tell.

Thanks to Jim for providing a copy of his presentation here.

P.S. I can not tell you if Sam let the reported offer from Camden expire or not today, I have a day job too đŸ˜‰



  1. I was disaapointed to read in the Headlight Herald that the spokesperson for the appellants said the boycott of the Anchor was not over, and wouldn’t be over until the 3rd story of the Anchor was removed. Apparently, he didn’t hear or listen to Jim Hansen’s presentation which urged Oceansiders to support the Anchor as the best way to ultimately find a solution to the issue. With the Anchor mortgaged to “the hilt”, the lender would never allow the owner to lop-off 1/3rd of the structure, thereby reducing its value, even if he wanted to. I’m afraid that foreclosure of the building is near, and we’ll probably be left with a boarded-up structure of an eyesore for months/years to come.

    P.S. How can you boycott a business that’s never open, anyway?

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