Posted by: Deborah Bryant | March 10, 2008

Engsbergs’ Peregrine Update

I always look forward to hearing from Bus and Delena Engsberg who have faithful observed, filmed, photographed, and shared news of nesting Peregrine Falcons at Cape Meares National Wildlife refuge from a viewing spot on the approach to the Lighthouse. By email to the falcon fan club, they’ve shared some great shots of the pair taken this past weekend.

From the Engsbergs:

Female_Peregrine“Bus was able to film the female perigrine on the north cliff on Saturday, March 8. She had just “showered’ was very wet and drying off. Notice the spread of the tail. The shadow of a branch is falling across her as well.

The male had been bathing [this shot] Male_Peregrine_waterfall was filmed across the cove without a scope on Sunday, March 9.There is a pool in front of the rock where the bird is standing, they use the pool to get wet. This area is on the midpoint in the waterfall. The water is cascading down the rock on the right side of the picture.

We discovered the peregrine use this area for cleansing in 1998. It has been used for the past 10 years by the peregrine that occupy and nest in the cove. [This shot]
Male_Peregrine is the same bird (the male) who flew to this grassy outcrop above and to the left of the lower nest niche on the north cliff face…notice how he too has his tail feathers spread for drying.

We have seen this pair, which we take to be the same as last year, in the cove quite a bit these past few days.
Bus & Delena

You can also catch Bus’s film of the peregrines from time to time on local cable access.


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