Posted by: Deborah Bryant | January 1, 2008

Happy New Years Oceanside

I’ve just returned from a road trip to see family and friends in points south. While we have more water than we know what to do with, and at times our rivers yield to the abundant flow and spill over their natural banks, the Central Coast of California is parched and without a hint of green beneath its stately oaks along the coastal foothills. In the bright cool air of the Ventana Wilderness, sycamores and hawks graced our hikes and we were grateful for a rain break for a few days.

Back at home; New Years Day in Oceanside has been quiet, gentle, and light gray. The ocean has calmed after Monday’s big waves, providing an opening for crab boats skunked by fourteen foot seas for days. The forcasted sunshine did not hold, and with it went my commitment to planting spring bulbs. The tide was out at Cape Lookout Park and the agates were in. Roseanna’s Cafe has posted winter hours for January. The Anchor Tavern and attendant exotic entertainment is open at its whim now. Brewin’ in the Wind Espresso keeps brewin’. More trees blew down last night as off-shore gusts howled throughout the night, but did not impact our power. Morning brought the delightful sounds of Song Sparrows, Juncos, Chickadees, Stellar Jays, and Hummers.

It’s good to be back home.


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