Posted by: Deborah Bryant | December 9, 2007

Power Returns and so does the Sun

Power returned to Oceanside on Friday while my soup was still heating on our camp stove. A few cul-de-sacs are a day or so behind being back on line, but the Embarq crews were still working into the darkness to remedy. Thanks for all the notes and calls of concern from friends and part time neighbors.

The sun was bright all day Saturday and neighbors were out doing winter chores. Charlie Woodridge and I did field identification of various strains of roof shingles found resting in my yard; red for this neighbor, green for that neighbor, brown for we-don’t-know.

Rosanna’s Cafe was open on Saturday. So was the Anchor Tavern, so far as I can tell for the first time. Rosanna’s was warm and full of locals and visitors and the razor clams were even more wonderful than usual.



  1. We are headed over on Thursday to stay at The Capes. Do you know if electricity has been restored to the development?

  2. Mary,

    I understand it has. If you want to be certain the entire Capes development is back on line, you might call the Tillamook People’s Utility District (PUD) at 503.842.2535.


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