Posted by: Deborah Bryant | December 4, 2007

This Side of the Storm

Checking in after this weekend’s big storm with the Woman on the Soggy Ground report…

The storm did far more damage in the Oceanside, Oregon area than we’d imagined to the communications in the area and it will be days I would guess before power and phone are restored to Oceanside. Dozens of trees came down across Highway 131 between Oceanside and Netarts and with them came power & phone lines there. Utility poles snapped and wires tore loose. Thanks to volunteers John Kottre and Brian Johnson – two we ran into on the way into Netarts to find out what was happening – and many others who jumped in to restore road access to the community. State and County crews had their hands full. I heard Bay City had over one hundred damaged homes and officially clocked the highest winds on the coast at 129 mph (heard Cape Meares had too, just before the gauge broke, but that’s about 5th hand info). Oceanside seemed to be more braced for the big winds, the first time a “Hurricane Warning” had ever been issued in Oregon. So far as we could tell everyone seemed to have made it through fine, if not a little under-slept.

My husband and I spent the day Monday checking on neighbors, cleared a downed tree off a house, repaired a fence and emptied the freezer. The NORFD firehall was open and serving hot coffee and light meals and movies to pass the time.

If you are trying to reach anyone in Oceanside, you’ll get a busy circuits notification. It’s really not an accurate message; the circuits don’t reach that far right now and it’s my guess that it will be days before power and light are restored to Netarts and Oceanside. In Tillamook; I did get through to the Headlight Herald this morning, but they have no Internet service at this writing. I’ll publish some photos this evening.



  1. Thank you Deb for the update. We have a home in Oceanside and have been quite concerned. It was a relief to finally talk to our neighbors and find that we are largely in tact. We are coming over from Portland tomorrow to bring needed supplies to our neighbors. It would be nice to know what is needed over there so those of us with gas in our cars can be of some help delivering what cannot be gotten in Tillamook.

  2. Lauren, glad it was helpful and thanks for asking. Per KTIL radio, groceries and gas stations are open, everyone it Oceanside is essentially “camping” in their homes with no power and phones as far as I can determine, so knocking on doors and checking on neighbors is in order.

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