Posted by: Deborah Bryant | October 29, 2007

Local Postmaster’s Star Rises

Oceanside, Oregon has one of the smallest post offices I’ve ever seen, certainly ever been a customer of. No mail is delivered here, it’s all post office boxes or general delivery at the window. Hosting a modest 222 p.o. boxes, some with hardware no one has manufactured for fifty years, there’s enough room for no more than three people to stand in the lobby and get their mail without someone getting bruised in the process. Local elves decorate the windows for the holidays, at times fresh flowers appear on the window ledge along with the odd and occasional lost-and found collection of rental home keys and other sandy objects.

Every once in the while a rumor starts that the post office needs to be closed to save money. Everyone loves the post office and would have it no other way.

Our postmaster Masters the Post by day, but is a serious actor after the day job is done. TJ Newton is a great local talent. I have not seen a play of his yet, but then the last play I saw was a Neil Simon at Sylvia’s Dinner Theatre long before they closed in 1923. Well, it may have been more recently, but it seems like a long time ago. At any rate, I do have it on good authority from trusted sources that he is a mighty fine actor.

And when you say “break a leg, TJ”, he takes it very seriously. Now showing:

Wishing TJ a speedy recovery too (so he can go out and “break a leg” another day).


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