Posted by: Deborah Bryant | October 27, 2007

County Responds to Anchor Tavern Request

Oceanside Neighborhood Association President Judson Randall shared a letter today from Bill Campbell, director of the Tillamook County Department of Community Development, that responds to Sam Piskorski’s request for a “Land Use Verification Letter” for the Anchor Tavern to “maintain the current uses in addition to an adult entertainment club (strip club).

Jud commented in his email to the ONA membership: “You may scratch your head over what the letter actually means, as do I. I’m sorry but I can’t interpret from this letter whether it says the Anchor can have strippers or not, from the viewpoint of the Tillamook County Department of Community Development. The letter is dated Oct. 25, and I received it today, Oct. 26.”

My comment: It doesn’t take an attorney to get to the bottom line; the addition of adult entertainment to a licensed establishment already operating a restaurant, tavern and hotel in the Oceanside Commercial District not is not regulated by our own Oceanside Commercial Ordinances. This is in contrast to county ordinances which consider entertainment as a business to require a conditional use permit: read, ask neighbors what they think first.

This editor predicts:

1) Sam will go get that permit, if he hasn’t already, for those slide poles he just had installed.

2) The Zone and Plan Review committee will add “entertainment” to their list, and will struggle with the Oregon courts’ view that exotic dancing is protected as Free Speech.

3) More boycott signs will go up, and everyone will blame the county.

If you missed the coverage (as I did while I was busy with work last week), Oregonian columnist Steve Duin covered this most recent chapter in the Anchor debacle, including Sam’s handwritten letters to the county outlining his intentions.



  1. i support sam and hs neighbors deserve what has happenned to them. what happenned to free speech and capitlism in usa. my family will go and support sam and hs dancers.

  2. I live in Portland but have spent a lot of time in Oceanside over the past decade. I love the small, quiet town and the beautiful beach has one of my favorite ‘sitting rocks’. I love this town so much that I decided, following my wedding in August, to hold a family reunion in Oceanside. My grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins (the youngest is 2) will all be spending four days in your wonderful town.

    I must admit that when I found that the Anchor had turned into a strip club it turned my stomach. All of a sudden I feel uncomfortable about how my family will feel — I never imagined feeling this way about Oceanside, Oregon. The house where my 89 year-old grandmother will stay is less than a block from the Anchor! If possible we must consider holding our vacation somewhere else.

    I would sign any petition placed in front of me to keep this nonsense out of such a peaceful and beautiful place. If there is anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Louderbough

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