Posted by: Deborah Bryant | September 15, 2007

On the Radar | Proposed County Ordinances: Oceanside, Netarts, Cloverdale

The recently completed Highway 131 Refinement Plan was presented for approval at Thursday night’s Tillamook County Planning Commission meeting. The bonus for folks attending from Oceanside to present the community survey results and re-voice a concern on the State Wayside Parking Concept: a whole set of proposed new or amended ordinances hitherto unseen by the ONA or neighboring Netart’s CPAC. These were presented as part of a larger document (plan) for the first time to the commission for their approval and recommendation to the Tillamook County Commissioners. County Planning Director Bill Campbell’s initial testimony suggested these had been throughly vetted with the public through workshops and CPAC meetings, but in a huddle during the break with staff learned that this was not the case and moved quickly to set the record straight. The issue extended the meeting till after midnight, with the commission moving to leave open the public comment period and request staff to notice the public and spread the joy of ordinance reviews opportunity.

Also presented for approval was Cloverdale’s plan. Cloverdale does not have a CPAC but per Campbell’s testimony does have the benefit of a very active business community which contributed to the development of its transportation plan. Through questions by the Planning Commission during the meeting, it was unclear if the appendix F section (proposed ordinances) for Cloverdale had also been vetted, or not, with the community.

Watch for public notices and attend your ONA or Netarts CPAC meetings, take a look at the proposed ordinances directly at the ODOT 131 project web site (in appendix F).



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