Posted by: Deborah Bryant | September 8, 2007

Where’d She Go?

Folks have been asking why I’ve been missing in action from Oceanside Village Voice since July and out of touch. Thanks for caring, thanks for dropping in.

Since I was last posting (writing) here actively, I’ve been busy with –

  • Hosting 45 family members at a reunion here in Oceanside (nice)
  • along with the rest of my team, completed the Oceanside Community Survey…again (more on that later)
  • spent more time understanding the issues around the our new sanitary plant, working through the process of applying for the board vacancy for the NOSD (more on that later)
  • was sworn into office as a Commissioner for the Oceanside Water District, thus starting a new learning curve (more on that later)
  • for balance, made time to garden, collect agates, learn to play Cribbage (I’m taking my cue from fishermen and not telling where I found the agates)
  • and have gone into high production at work on a conference, third year, hosting folks from all over the country to talk about open source software in Government (woo hoo! enuf said)

Some of these things are more important that others. Some are certainly more fun. But most of all, just wanted to let you know I hadn’t gone into hibernation, and that most of the writing I’ve done the past several months has been limited to getting the Fencepost done for the Headlight Herald and for work.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.


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