Posted by: Deborah Bryant | May 18, 2007

Netarts Oceanside Sanitary Board: May 15 Election Update

I’ve received many calls and emails from folks wondering about the outcome of this week’s election. For the official results please visit the Tillamook County Elections web site.

The winner of the Netarts Oceanisde Santitary District (NOSD) Director Position #4 is Shannon Brosseau. The County Clerk has several weeks to certify the vote, but by a clear majority with 166 votes, the incumbent has been elected.

I received a courtesy call, as did the NOSD district office, from the County Clerk with UNOFFICIAL results on Thursday. The write-in candidates drew the following votes from a total of 189: Richard Phillips, 64 ; Deborah Macartney, 115; the balance of the write-in votes were various.

In this situation, election rules per the Secretary of State provide that, if an elected official NOT is qualified to take office at the time of election, the Board then appoints their replacement. (The incumbent moved out of the district in early May.)

At the NOSD Board Meeting last evening, newly appointed board chair Bruce Lovelin placed a discussion of the prelimary results on the agenda. Bruce emphasized that the board had the authority to choose whomever they felt would best serve the community stating this could be either one of the write-in candidates or someone else, perhaps through an interview process. He did not assert what the decision process would be for the board, nor did any other board member comment. Bruce was open to suggestions from the general public. The board clearly needs to receive the certified vote from the County Clerk before taking any action. Bruce suggested they would return to the next board meeting and by the end of that meeting a new director would be named, and join them.

I’ve spared you many details, but that is the essence of the status.

I want to commend our County Clerk Tassie O’Neill for her professionalism and courtesy to all during this unusually complex set of facts.

I’d also like to commend the communities of Netarts and Oceanside for an outstanding voter turnout, well above the county average (which is quite high too).

Thanks for checking in, and thanks for caring enough about our community to pay attention.

Deb Macartney


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