Posted by: Deborah Bryant | April 27, 2007

Green Crow Quarry Application Status – April 27, 2007

Planning Commission Hearing Again Postponed

According to the Tillamook County Department of Community Development, Green Crow has not yet submitted supplementary materials to support their application for rock quarries in Tillamook County. Since the County has received no further submittals, the Planning Commission hearing has again been postponed. At this point the first possible date for a Planning Commission hearing on the zone change to allow expanding existing quarries, and to begin operations at a new quarry near Oceanside, will likely be in July. However no firm date has yet been set by the County.

The ONA Green Crow Quarry subcommittee, chartered by the Oceanside Neighborhood Association, has identified some significant issues at all sites. The committee will likely make additional recommendations for consideration by the ONA, the Netarts CPAC and the Cape Meares Community. The communities of Cape Meares, Netarts and Oceanside continue to work together on this important issue. Although work of the subcommittee is ongoing there will be no further scheduled subcommittee meetings until we receive information that Tillamook County has received additional materials from Green Crow. Once the County receives additional materials the subcommittee will meet to study, and formulate a response, to the Green Crow application. The response will be presented to the communities for consideration through the representative organizations, designed to result in a joint recommendation to the County.

If you have any questions please contact Keep checking this site for additional information and updates.


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