Posted by: Deborah Bryant | April 3, 2007

Oceanside Community Survey is In The Mail

If you’re a property owner or business owner of record or a long-term renter in Oceanside, you should receive the 2007 Oceanside Community Survey within the week. It was mailed yesterday, April 2, courtesy of Tillamook County (thanks Community Planning!). The survey is a comprehensive revisit of key questions from the two prior surveys (1995 and 2000), dropping questions issues now resolved (like combining the Oceanside and Netarts fire districts) and adding new questions (like considering a grading ordinance or another requiring leaving/adding vegetated buffers in new developments). A number of questions intended to paint a picture of the community are also included.

The survey is being done once again by the Oceanside Neighborhood Association which is part of the formal land use planning process in Tillamook County. The results of the survey, which will be shared widely this summer, will be used to help with recommendations being formulated by the ONA’s standing (but fairly recently re-formed) Zone and Plan Review (ZAPR) Committee. Plenty of information on the

  • ONA,
  • the ZAPR Committee,
  • 1995 & 2000 survey results,
  • and the current survey process

can be found on the ONA web site.

Results of the survey are expected to be released in May 2007. Full recommendations for the Oceanside Community Plan update and recommendations for any new or amended ordinances will be presented to the full ONA for consideration and adoption in August.

As chair of the survey committee, I personally urge Oceansiders take the time to complete the survey. The results of the survey are as valid and effective as the breadth of the community represented in them, please don’t pass up the opportunity to weigh in with your vision for Oceanside. This year we’ve added the ability to take the survey online. You’ll find instructions on the survey you’ve been mailed to do so. Any questions? Email me or ONA president Judson Randall.


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