Posted by: Deborah Bryant | March 24, 2007

NOSD Plant Site Aquistion & Green Crow

What is the relationship of the Green Crow application for quarry expansion, and the negotiations between the Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District (NOSD) board to acquire land from Green Crow for the new plant? The processes are distinct and technically unrelated, but the issue becomes less clear in a small community where the board members are also County employees, Planning Commissioners and where Green Crow has expressed an interest (per the public record) in expanding the growth boundary to include 371 acres of their now-forestland. But then you know the old saw, if wishes were fishes… In the spirit of clarity, here’s a chronology of Green Crow’s interactions with NOSD and the county, from the public record. You can also attend the next ONA meeting on April 7th; ONA president Jud Randall will walk through the related land use planning & zoning processes to crisp things up.


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