Posted by: Deborah Bryant | March 11, 2007

New NOSD Sewer Plant Added to List of Quarry Issues

Map Shows Proposed Site for New Plant Close to “200 Line” Quarry

Recently noted; the proximity of the proposed quarry to the location of the proposed new sanitary plant site. NOSD board member and Oceanside resident Liz Wilkerson had flagged this as an issue after hearing a subcommittee report at the March 3 meeting of the ONA, then referred the new information to the NOSD and their engineer. If the plant is built and the quarry is permitted as both projects are individually proposed today, there is a concern that the plant was not designed to tolerate dynamite blasting at the quarry. A topological map showing the relationship between the two sites was created, indicating a distance of approximately 800 yards between the two project sites. A copy of the map is viewable from this site,

NOSD Board Chair Shannon Brosseau is considering adding time to the agenda for the Thursday, March 15 meeting of the board for public questions on this topic. The board will be discussing related issues behind closed doors in its executive session Monday afternoon.

You can attend the public meeting of the board Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m. in Netarts. You can contact the Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District Office at 842-8231 for more information.

Sidebar comment from the editor: The NOSD has no information available on the Internet, citing lack of technical skills and uncertainty of what they would put on the Internet per the board chair. I urge NOSD to strengthen its communications with the community. To repeatedly admonish property owners for not attending the weekday-only meetings disenfranchises a significant number of property owners in the district whose taxes support the district. NOSD should at the minimum publish their contact information, meeting notices including agendas, board meetings minutes, and budgets.

Accessible, accountable government makes for a healthier dialog if we are to come together to solve these complex problems.



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