Posted by: Deborah Bryant | March 4, 2007

Oceanside Couple Engages Attorney in Green Crow Matter

Oceansiders Gail and Larry Bergevin brought their freshly-hired attorney to the March 3 Oceanside Neighborhood Association Meeting and folded his introduction into an update on the Green Crow Matter. In Gail’s comments to the group, it was clear that she and Larry more-than-agree with the Community Letter to County to deny a zone change to allow a commercial aggregate mining operation above the village of Oceanside and join the ranks of others prepared to make a stand to maintain the peace and quiet that is a key attraction for residents and visitors alike.

The long and the short of it on the Green Crow application status; Green Crow is later than they’d originally estimated ( in their January letter to the county) in submitting information to completed their application, making the April 12 hearing date still scheduled-but-tentative. According to Tillamook County community planner Lisa Phipps, Green Corw has been given a March 9 deadline to get their information in or count on their application moving off the April 12 agenda. Per Phipps the March 9 date would give the county and other interested parties to study the additional materials and include it and along with response in the staff report.

Look for the full official minutes of the March 3 ONA meeting to be posted in the next week or two on their web site. You can also sign up for their mailing list and the minutes will automatically be mailed to you when they become available.